Say Her Name - James Dawson
This is my first book of James Dawson and it sure did not disappoint me!I'm a horror fanatic and I've already read a lot of horror books but they never did actually scare me until I've read Say Her Name.

I also love reading stories about Urban Legends and Bloody Mary is one of my favorite stories out there. So when this book popped up on my timeline, I immediately grabbed some money and bought this book.

This book is freakishly scary! I remember when I was a little kid, I was really afraid to say "Bloody Mary" in front of a mirror because I was pretty sure that I was gonna die right after I said her name. Reading "Say Her Name" brought up that memory. I had a hard trouble reading this at night and alone because Dawson's way of writing surely crept me out. Add the setting to the scary factor, the story is set up at a boarding school exclusive for girls only.

This book is really enjoyable even though it scared the shit out of me and I definitely loved the twists and turns the author gave to his readers and can we talk about the ending? It had me going nuts! I loved the way the author gave as a story of Mary's past and how she ended up that way.

This book is really perfect for horror fans like me but be sure to this read this book with a light on and please stay away from mirrors!