Never Never: Part Three - Colleen Hoover
I'm not satisfied. I'm very disappointed on how this book turns out. I know that it's a novella but heck, there's no rational explanation for everything. I don't think, us, readers deserve this kind of conclusion on what really happened to Silas and Charlie. I felt like I wasted my life waiting for one novella to one novella.

Never Never has probably the best concept ever. It's freaking mysterious and sexy. The characters were okay, sometimes I hated their decisions in life but sometimes I just couldn't help but to vouch for them. Silas and Charlie's chemistry was so palpable through out the whole story.

However, look how the story turned out. I just can't believe that they left it at that. Every single thing about this third novella felt rushed! I know that it's the last book so Fisher and Hoover needed to move things fast a little bit but couldn't they just give us a freaking good explanation about everything.

Anyway, it's still a good novella. I absolutely loved Charlie and Silas in this book. I honestly couldn't stop giggling about them. I've been thinking that it was probably much better if this novella was a whole book. I'd probably love every part of it.