The Fixer - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Wow! I never thought I would loved this book. At first, it was a bit slow and it frustrated be but there's a reason why this book took so long build up. I definitely loved the characters, especially the protagonist, she was freaking badass. The author made sure that we get to know them better, chapter by chapter. Also, there's no rush romance in here which is better but I know that there's a tiny bit there waiting to explode. I definitely want to see the progress of Henry and Ivy in the next book.

I loved the mixture of politics, drama, mystery and suspense. I never thought I would read this kind of story. I'm not a fan of politics myself but the author made sure that I'll be glued to the story.

The twists in this book made me go, "WHAT?", and there's more we need to know! The author isn't finish yet to break my heart. I can't wait to read the 2nd book. The fixer is the 1st book I've read this year and it didn't dissapoint me at all.