A Study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro
Some parts were really good and other parts were 'meh'.

I was so excited to read this book as a fan of anything that screams 'mystery' and 'Sherlock Holmes'. I'm also talking about a MODERN DAY escapade of Sherlock and Watson, what could go wrong, right? Everything, not everything.

I have nothing against the gender of Sherlock and Watson in this book, in a matter of fact, I'm a BIG BIG BIG fan of Elementary wherein Watson is a woman! I think the concept of this book was really good, Sherlock as high school female teenager? Exciting, right.

However, I was so disappointed upon finishing this book. There's just something off about the story which I'm having a hard time to pin point what exactly made me go 'meh'. I guess I had a hard time contemplating what exactly the reason why James Watson was so obsessed to Charlotte Holmes. Their actions felt weird and forced to me. I was more hoping that Study in Charlotte would follow the path Elementary made. Although, I knew where the author is coming for, I mean, this is her story and she can do whatever she wanted.

The murder in this book was also 'meh' for me. It wasn't exciting but the concept behind replicating the other stories of The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes was really cool.

A Study in Charlotte wasn't really that bad, in fact, there were parts which I truly enjoyed. I guess this book is not really just for me.